A car loan is an ideal way for private and business customers to enjoy motoring.


A car loan gives you more financial freedom. By using a lender’s money to finance the vehicle of your choice, you can keep your funds free for other purposes. By selecting the contract term (from 24 to 60 months) you can tailor monthly repayments to suit your needs. Making your budgeting easier, payments are fixed during the period of the contract. For your added convenience, we can organise direct debiting of your monthly repayment from your nominated account.


You can elect to have a final payment (residual) on the contract, or you can choose a contract without a final payment and enjoy full ownership of your vehicle at contract end.


Simply select the vehicle that best suits your needs, and then talk with our Business Manager. They can assist you in obtaining a loan term and monthly repayment amount to meet your objectives and requirements. You also have the option of including the on-road charges in the finance contract if you wish.


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* We recommend that you seek independent financial advice for your specific circumstances.